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2020 Election Book

Keep track of the latest developments and important political dates with the SANS CLUE® 2020 Election Book.

Only $9.95


Cartoon Book

The SANS CLUE® Cartoon book is a quality bound book that contains several cartoons that will keep you smiling.

A great gift idea for the politicos, especially those of the "center" or "left of center" persuasion. 

Only $9.95


Our company specializes in:

Political advocacy, offered through an entertaining and satirical lens- providing information on ways to engage in and achieve "political course correction".  Political advocacy should never be confused with "political correctness"; still, goodwill and a methodology which focuses on civil discourse- for example, "others should receive the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise" is "preferred".  Products include  books, e-books, audio-books, videos, cartoons, blogs and podcasts.  

Services include audio recording and production, television and videotape production; special events covering topics such as political or "civil" advocacy for companies, groups, and associations. 

Please consider SANS CLUE® to assist you on your next creative project or event- we'd love to be of service.

For additional information, including client references and a price quote tailored to your specific project or event, please contact us: SANS CLUE®  (626) 372-1611; sansclue2020@yahoo.com